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  • Christine Ayala

Mustard Seed Faith

I remember when I learned about “mustard seed” faith. I was at a retreat in my early teens, and each of us was given a mustard seed and taught to wholeheartedly believe in God, not in ourselves. This is so important, and sometimes gets lost in religion. God takes our faith and cultivates and grows it.

God is always good and He always does what is best for us - this often doesn’t include whatever blessing we are asking Him for, though - because (newsflash) we don’t often know what’s best for our own self. We can see it for others, but when it comes to ourselves we have blind spots. When our faith is based on whether or not we get what we ask for, it is weak and conditional. We will waver in our calling and stumble. When our faith is in our God no matter what He does, then we will walk through the valleys and over the hills we face.

Ask God to show you where you aren’t relying on Him or where He would like you to exercise more faith... just ask Him. #justdoit #mustardseedfaith #goodgoodfather #childofgod #christianliving #shalom #yourjourneytobeingwhole #dailydevotional

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