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  • Christine Ayala

Over and Over

I am often fascinated by Hebrew word studies and have been known to look up every reference in the Bible for one word or another. If I ever went back to school, it would be to study Hebrew/Aramaic Biblical language. So when I saw this one about the Word TESTIMONY (עֵדוּת) I started digging in. The Ark of the Covenant, where the presence of God resided with the people of Israel for centuries was referred to as the ark of the testimony.

Think about all that the Lord did to show up and show His people His faithfulness and love for them. Over and over again. How has He done this for you? Over and over again. Do you testify about it over and over again? If you ever feel like doing this is boring or repetitive, think about what this testimony means, think about the faith that you’re proclaiming. You never know who might need to hear it at such a time as this. So, don’t hold back your testimony- proclaim the goodness of God over and over again.

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