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  • Christine Ayala

Paul’s Secret to Success

This is Paul’s MO throughout his letters. This is how he kept going through very difficult and perilous circumstances. It’s like a secret to success that he got from Jesus and is giving to us. Paul was full of hope and joy to the very end. He knew Jesus was waiting for him in Paradise and he knew that it was all going to be worth it. He didn’t just keep Hope alive, he fanned the flames of hope in himself and others. He sang about it, talked about it and let it overwhelm any doubts that might try to creep in. We need to do the same! Be optimistic! Don’t let the “reality” and darkness of the world discourage you, be joyful in hope!

We are all going to have trouble in this broken world. Jesus told us to expect it. It’s not a surprise and it doesn’t necessarily mean you did something wrong. Paul had lots of it too and he endured it patiently with the word of God on his lips. Sometimes that’s all you can do - endure patiently with the word of God on your lips - not by complaining or whining, but with faith and with prayer. Faithful prayer means that it’s part of the way you live each day full of faith and prayer. Changing your inner dialogue into a dialogue with God is what I think Paul meant by praying constantly. Paul was in tune with God and the Holy Spirit directed his steps. That’s what the Lord wants with us too.

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