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  • Christine Ayala

Plans & Purposes

Do you have plans? For today, tomorrow, next year, five-year plan, or a retirement- plan? It’s not bad to make these kind of plans, in fact it is wise to a certain degree. But as a follower of Christ, we can’t live for our plans. We are only successful when we live for God’s purpose and to actually follow Him. It doesn’t mean we don’t make plans, it means that we pray about and over them, we ask God to give us wisdom and to let us know what His will is, and to give us confidence and fill us with faith when He asks us to abandon our plan and walk a different path.

So make plans, but follow God. Trust Him and His perfect plan more than you trust your own. #discipleship #walkinthespirit #faith #trustgodsplan #willingspirit #proverbs #shalom #onespiritonechurch #dailydevotional

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