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  • Christine Ayala


This is true. God created each one of us on purpose, purposefully and for a purpose. When we were saved, We were born again and called according to that purpose.

What is Gods will for you - to walk with Him, to follow HIS plan and to fulfill the purpose for which He created you. It’s not very complicated until we mix all our own desires, ideas and plans into the mix. Then, if we aren’t in the word and walking closely with Him, it’s very easy to get off kilter and start moving on your own track instead of God’s. After a while, things won’t go as well and you may blame God... but the best response is to reevaluate, seek God, and repent - getting back into sync with your savior and Lord is always the best choice. Fulfilling God’s plans, purposes and destiny for each of us is always the best choice.

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