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  • Christine Ayala


Jesus said this or something very similar many times when He healed the sick or delivered the oppressed from demons. He says it to us... the word He used in Hebrew was “shalom.” This word is often used as a greeting instead of hello or goodbye and it’s usually translated as “peace,” but it actually means much more than that in Hebrew. It means may you be complete, whole, well, with nothing missing or broken in you.

This is what God wants for us. To make us whole. Most of us have been through stuff that has wounded us, physically, emotionally or spiritually. Sometimes, these wounds heal partially, but can be easily opened. They affect how we make decisions and live our lives. God wants you to live, really live free from these wounds. He has a purpose for you that is full of hope and fulfillment.

My new book details this journey to wholeness with the accompanying Bible Study Guide. Click ShalomBook for more information.
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