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  • Christine Ayala


The Holy Spirit’s power in our lives is the only way we can keep our human hearts and minds from getting in the way of following Jesus. Our true freedom comes from trusting that God knows more than us, so we do what He teaches. Not because we can’t think for ourselves, but because of His wisdom and truth, grace and mercy, love and forgiveness He pours out for us who believe.

Being a Spirit-filled Christian is about allowing the the Holy Spirit to work in and through us and not let our fears and pride get in the way. When we live by the Spirit, we are able to love others more like Christ does. We’re also able to fulfill purposes and callings that others don’t understand, but that make differences that only God can measure. #walkwithgod #livebythespirit #pentecost #stepbystep #holiness #shalom #yourjourneytobeingwhole #dailydevotional #danielkgabriel

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