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  • Christine Ayala

Time with The Lord

I remember when my kids were little and everyone kept telling me how important it was to have a “quiet time” with the Lord each day. I felt guilty because I just couldn’t seem to make that happen. I was in the Word, I was ver involved in ministry, but I felt like I wasn’t as good a Christian as these other ladies... and yet, I still heard from God and He answered my prayers.

I believe it’s because I did listen, even in the chaos, I knew my Father’s voice and I would stop everything for a moment to soak in what He was saying to me. I sought Him in the Scriptures too and of course I found Him there. I realized that my relationship with Him doesn’t have to fit someone’s religious discipline to be vibrant and whole, and I was walking in the freedom of Christ. Now, I do have a quiet time with the Lord and my prayer journal everyday. I’m out of the season of young children and chaos, though. God will meet us where we are, and if our heart is tuned to Him we’ll hear from Him. He is faithful. #prayer #childofgod #listentogod #wordofgodspeak #godisfaithful #discipleship #shalom #onespiritonechurch #dailydevotional

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