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  • Christine Ayala

Value of Prayer

Prayer IS undervalued - even in the church. How much time do you dedicate to prayer? I know it’s difficult - especially because once you begin to pray, all kinds of thoughts and distractions besiege you. This is to be expected. I believe it’s a battle. What helped me was to start journaling/writing during my prayer time. That way I can stay focused and can pull myself back on track when those thoughts come.

Prayer is VITAL to your Christian walk. How can you follow a God you don’t talk to? Yes, we have the Bible to listen to and follow, but it seems to me that those who follow it without a relationship and prayer are very legalistic and rigid. And, often don’t follow ALL the teachings - just the ones they agree with. That’s not how following Christ works. He wants to stretch us and to use us in new ways that we’ve never thought of. He wants to help the people in our lives that We should be praying for. He wants to show up strong on your behalf. So PRAY!

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