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  • Christine Ayala


Ugh! You know, that feeling you get when you have to wait in a long line? I think we get that feeling when we’re waiting on God too. After all, there are times when we’ve identified exactly what we need in a situation, we are willing to do whatever work is required - we’re not lazy - and the situation is, in our eyes, getting out of control. I can think of many broken hearts caused by impatience and thinking we knew what was best...

Does that sound familiar?

When we wait on the Lord, we aren’t just waiting for His perfect timing, we’re waiting for Him to prepare all of the hearts involved, even our own, for the work to be done and to build our faith so that we can finish strong. God focuses on our hearts and our faith, He sees the whole picture - past, present and future. He will strengthen our hearts, if we wait one Him.

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