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  • Christine Ayala


This verse came alive to me today in a new way. The endurance that we are taught in the Scriptures is daunting. We get discouraged when we have to wait a few days or weeks for something, let alone months or even years. But the examples we’ve been provided are greater than what we expect. Abraham had to wait for 25 years after God's promise before Isaac was born. Isaac had to wait 20 years for his children. Joseph had to wait 13 years before he was set free and put on the throne. Moses had a wait a total of 80 years.

When God has us waiting, He also has us training for whatever it is we’re waiting for. Our problem is that we think we’re ready much sooner, but God knows how our character and commitment will be challenged, He knows what we will need before we need it. Be active in the waiting, look for Him, listen to Him, let Him encourage you, and grow into the person of faith that you need to be to walk in His promises!

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