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  • Christine Ayala

What’s Your Purpose?

I say this a lot, and I discovered that part of MY Mission and purpose in life is to help others find theirs - it’s a big part of my calling in this season of my life.

I also discovered that we have different purposes in different seasons and we can get derailed when there is a shift. When you’re a mom, the season when you’re caring for all the needs of kids and family take a huge amount of our energy and God knows it. When the best empties though, your callings and purposes change and God has something new for you.

I also discovered that one of the biggest things holding people back from using the gifts God gives them (or will give them when they act in faith), and from pursuing and fulfilling His will for them, are wounds from the past. All kinds of wounds - invisible ones on the soul and spirit, physical pain and disability, unforgiveness, and all kinds of trauma - are keeping the people of God from being and doing what He created them to do - their purposes. This is why I wrote Shalom, and why I continue to write. I have a deep need to help - it’s my purpose.

What’s yours?

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