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  • Christine Ayala

Without a Net

When you look back at the decisions you’ve made and the things you’ve done that were purely by faith, a time when you didn’t have an exit plan and you put all your trust in God because He was leading you - what do you remember? What happened?

I can remember quite a few of these times - twice I’ve moved across the country without a job or knowing anyone at the destination, twice I’ve written and published books. If I hadn’t been following God and His leading, those could have been total disasters. Moving and publishing are very expensive, but God provided in amazing ways - when I moved people thought I was crazy, but in a recession God provides enough to take care of living expenses, a good job, and a good church. When I published my books, God led me to the right publishing house and cover designer, and then provided the money to pay for it. When I write, it’s always out of obedience with a message God planted in me. It’s never been my idea or dream, but I love doing it. It’s funny how God hides a gift inside us and then He is the one who brings it to light...I never would have done it if He hadn’t asked me to.

Tell me your stories - I really can’t wait to hear about them!

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