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  • Christine Ayala

Your Own Path

Have you ever tried to fit in with the “cool kids?” Or maybe you were one already, and others flocked around you, built you up and emulated you. Don’t get me wrong, “cool kids” are people too and are often uncomfortable with the pressure that is put on them by others.

I’m not one of the coolest. But I do remember a few times when I desperately wanted to be like friends who were ”cool Christians.” It took some time and maturity for me to realize that they were on their own walk and I didn’t want it - and I was comparing myself to them instead of looking into the mirror of God’s word.

I learned that the path God ordained for me is different than anyone else’s, and that following them didn’t make me cool, it made me unhappy. I learned that each of us have a path to wholeness in Christ and we just need to walk, run and climb to follow it. I learned how to help others do this too, without them trying to be like me.

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