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  • Christine Ayala

Be Brave

We admire from courage but can shrink in fear when it’s our turn to be brave. Building up your faith to be able to stand strong on a firm foundation requires that you put in the hard work to build that foundation. You don’t get strong faith that enables courage without all the little decisions you’ve made along the way to develop and discipline yourself. That’s right, faith does require discipline- even more than that, it requires discipleship!

Emulating Jesus, seeking His will above your own, following Him and His word instead of what makes sense to you or “feels” good. These are some of the daily steps that must be taken on a courageous journey with Jesus. There are lots of Christians who don’t choose the courageous path, they don’t develop the kind of faith they’ll need either… when trouble comes, and it will come, it’s better to have the house that’s built in the rock.

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