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  • Christine Ayala

It’s Up To You

Forgiving others is not optional. There is nothing anyone can do that God doesn’t instruct us to forgive. Nothing.

That doesn’t mean that they don’t get what they deserve, it just means that we leave it to God to dole out the justice.

It also doesn’t mean that you have to be buddies or include the person in your life. It means you don’t carry the hurt with you in your daily life, you let it go and remove the offense’s power over your happiness. Forgiving someone doesn’t always include reconciliation- these are not the same thing. We have a ministry of reconciliation - it requires work and more than one person to be successful. We have a mandate to forgive - it requires faith and only you have to do it. Forgiveness doesn’t require cooperation. #justdoit #forgive #wwjd #BEthechurch #discipleship #grace #mercy #shalom #yourjourneytobeingwhole #dailydevotional

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