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  • Christine Ayala

Jesus Came for Us

This is the bottom line: We have the victory over everything the devil tries to do to us. Jesus already won and we just have to walk through it. Why, oh why do we ever believe the illusion that evil can prevail? Yes, bad things happen and good people die - the truth is that we are all going to die a physical death, but believers will live eternally in heaven. Sometimes we lose our stuff, maybe even did Paul, but he knew that all he needed was Jesus and his only reason to keep living was to spread the Gospel.

Thank you Lord for coming to save us. Thank you for teaching us how to truly love and serve one another. Thank you Lord for walking through life with us. #emmanuel #victoryoverdeath #jesussaves #godiswithus #goodgoodfather #loveoneanother #shalom #onespiritonechurch #dailydevotional

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