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  • Christine Ayala

Learning to Walk

Walking by the Spirit is something we must learn to do, and practice doing. When we surrender to Christ and are saved - God fills us with His powerful Holy Spirit! And, gifts come with Him. He is our friend, comforter, wisdom from above, Paraclete, and above all He is WITH US!

So, how do you walk by the Spirit? You need to be taught - just like a baby is taught to walk physically, we need to learn to walk by the Spirit. How to listen, when to stop and discern, when to fight and when to pray, and so much more. How to operate in the Spiritual Gifts when He nudges you, and when to change directions in your journey. You learn by the Word and by discipleship, by prayer and practicing. By falling and getting back up. Notice, you must take steps to learn to walk by the Spirit.

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