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  • Christine Ayala

On The Path?

Some things are events and others are processes. When we give our lives to God and ask Jesus to be our Savior, that’s an event! A big one, and a miracle actually occurs - our sin is washed away, our debt is canceled and we are given a new heart. We are sealed with the Holy Spirit and He comes to live with us.

How we follow Him and discover His will and purpose for our lives - that’s a process. We have to participate but we don’t do all the work, we do it WITH the Lord. He shows us the way, we have to walk in it. Sitting back and looking at it, analyzing it, talking to others about it isn’t enough. God wants you to know what His will and purpose for you is, and He equips you along the way. Everyday, take another step. #justdoit How many “armchair Christians” do you know?

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