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  • Christine Ayala

On Time

God provides while we’re taking the step of faith and in the act of obedience, not ahead of time. It requires no faith to use what He’s already provided. It is trusting Him to be there when you’re behaving as if He will even if He hasn’t yet, this is faith! The kind of faith that is require to do the work of the ministry.

There is much to do, and each one of us is called to do something. When you say “Yes” to God, He will equip you on each step you take. Not in advance, but as you need it. He is always on time! Pastor @chuck.foreman.71 preached in the widow at Zarapheth and how Elijah asked her to make some bread for him before she did for her and her son, and then she wouldn’t run out of flour and oil. She did it! She didn’t know Elijah, but somehow she recognized the authority of the Lord in Him and obeyed by faith. Do we do that?

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