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  • Christine Ayala

Only God

Our human nature has a tendency to dig in and get ready for a fight when someone tells us we need to change. Even those of us who like to change things up and keep them fresh hate it when someone else tells us to make a change.

We were created for community, for relationships with other people and with God. We like to hang out with people we have something in common with - and we will naturally adopt some of their customs and hobbies. This can be dangerous and can lead us to bad decisions, pain and sorrow - even if they are Christians. Christians have to follow Christ NOT each other! This is vitally important. Don’t seek another persons approval, seek God’s approval only. Only God can transform you into a new person. Only God. #trustinthelord #childofgod #seekthelord #goodgoodfather #discernment #wisdom #shalom #onespiritonechurch #dailydevotional

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