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  • Christine Ayala


Have you ever gotten tired of “being strong” in tough times, through trials and tribulations? I sure have. Many people admired “my strength” and sometimes I was proud - but my strength is limited and flawed, just as I am. When I learned to lean on, trust in, and look to God for His strength, everything changed. I stopped trying to be the “strong one” and started focusing on following Christ - being a disciple.

Years ago God filled me with joy and I’ve learned to choose life and joy in most circumstances- which annoys some people. However, this is the light of Christ I’m shining, and His power and strength that can be seen in me. Choose life. Choose joy. God is your strength! #mystrengthcomesfromthelord #chooselife #choosejoy #thejoyofthelordismystrength #discipleship #BEthechurch #thelightofchrist #onespiritonechurch #shalom #dailydevotional #powerofchrist

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