• Christine Ayala


When you walk the path that God has purposes for you, you have a different kind of swagger. It’s not a prideful gait, rather one full of faith and confidence, walking in step with the Lord, and knowing that you’re flanked by this all-powerful Warrior - the Holy Spirit!

When we get out of step, or we stumble, He is there to help us up and get us back on track… if we don’t rebel like a toddler who refuses to take her parents hand when walking across the street. This is the key - to let the Lord help you! One thing I’ve learned, is that I NEED help. I NEED Jesus! On my own, I’m smart and capable, but not anointed and blessed. On my own, sometimes I’m successful but I’m not fulfilled. Im not willing to squander my life without fulfilling the purposes for which I was created… and the Lord is with me like a mighty Warrior. He is with you too… #justdoit #thelordisamightywarrior #walkinthespirit #childofgod #stepbystepheleadsme #yourjourneytobeingwhole #shalom #createdonpurposeforapurpose #dailydevotional

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