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  • Christine Ayala

What It Takes

Jesus prayed that we would live in unity just as He and the Father do. He commanded, not asked, not suggested, commanded us to love one another in the same manner that He loves us. Yet, Christians can’t seem to do this. Why?

This verse from Romans gives us a clue - it takes endurance and a spirit of encouragement. Many of us just don’t have that… Endurance is something that is developed, it’s not a spiritual gift, it takes time to build it up and it can be lost if we get complacent. An athlete builds it by hours and hours of hard practice, but when they take a break or get injured, they have to work to get it back - that is true for us when we’re dealing with people who require our patience, compassion, self-control and joy. So love more, encourage more and be kind to others, even if they’re rude to you! #bekind #patience #compassion #theywillknowusbyourlove #christianliving #shallm #yourjourneytobeingwhole #dailydevotional

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