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  • Christine Ayala

The Big Question

This question is the big one all the philosophers have been trying to answer for centuries. They are looking for an answer that doesn’t involve the Bible, God or Jesus Christ. There isn’t another answer though.

Why are we here? What is my purpose? Who am I? We are here, created by a living God on purpose for a purpose in the plan of eternity. God reveals this to us in His word and through our walk with Christ. The Holy Spirit dwells with us to help us stay on God’s paths and make the journey laid before us without making wrong turns. We just actually need to listen to the Spirit instead of our own feelings or those of others so we can stay on the path to our destinies. #destiny #createdonpurposeforapurpose #whyarewehere #walkinthespirit #christianliving #discipleship #ihavedecidedtofollowjesus #faith #justdoit #shalom #onespiritonechurch #dailydevotional

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